I am from Berlin and when the city began not too have big enough skies and was too far from the sea, I moved to West Cork in 2000.

I had visited the Beara peninsula many times before and made friends there. Dzogchen Beara, a Buddhist retreat centre set on the cliffs with the most stunning view over the Atlantic, became a spiritual home, and over the years I practiced Sitting and Loving Kindness meditations with local and international teachers who came to the centre. Over time though the stunning surroundings became my spiritual inspirations entirely and that was like a home coming, too. From early childhood my parents showed me the simple beauty of nature and I learnt early that being in Nature helps the mind to relax and inspires a sense of freedom ( at times I preferred sitting by a river to going to school….)

I met a yoga teacher on Beara, who introduced me to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. Working with Margaret Hardman began to change my yoga practice entirely. And my body became a friend, which felt like a personal revolution…. it also changed its shape and how I chose food. Body and mind love it…..

Gradually feeling how gravity supports us and introduces a lightness and spaciousness to the body, the focus on un-doing tension and exploring the body in asanas, rather than performing, the very personal assistance and Margaret’s dedication to the process inspired me for many years and let yoga grow into one of the most important parts of my life.

I completed my yoga teacher training with Bill Wood in Bristol…. even though Diane Long and Sophy Hoare, Vanda’s long time students, suggested to work with them and teach. I thought I needed a certificate….

At least once a year I work with Diane, and in between with other Scaravelli inspired teachers like Svenja Becker in Berlin. The inspirations I get from then weave itself into my teachings….

As does the chakra work, which for so long I refused to open to and now am very inspired by….  some Tantric elements from workshops with Dawn Cartwright and Margot Anand find their way into my work, and my life. Both are not that separate anymore.

Shiatsu is a passion for a long time, since I received my first treatment many years ago in Berlin and went on to complete a training in Berlin and a few years later again in Dublin with the Irish School of Shiatsu. It is one of the most profound healing practices I so far encountered. I enjoy giving the treatments, love how I can support with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and compassionate touch, and often, after bodywork, how a blend from my tool box of all I learnt over the years, my degree in Social Science/WomenStudies included, can help clients see the world and themselves in a different light.

And very recently I completed a paractitioner level training in Lomi Lomi massage with Louise Kleu at Aloha House in Killorglin.

This Hawaiian massage honours body mind and soul with flowing strokes, deep work where needed and is given in the spirit of Aloha – we are in the presence of divine breath. It’s a lot more than ‘just a massage’.

I remember, my first school teacher made me rewrite most of my work because it was too long, too complicated…. I still can’t do it, I guess!


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