I am from Berlin, and although I love it as a city, about 20 years ago came the time when I felt the need for more space, bigger skies, and the wild ocean. So I moved to West Cork in May 2000.

I had visited the Beara peninsula many times before and made friends there. In Dzogchen Beara, a Buddhist retreat centre set on the cliffs with the most stunning views over the Atlantic, I learnt and practiced Sitting and Loving Kindness meditations, and studied Buddhist philosophy with local and international teachers. It was a place for community and vibrant exchange with quite exceptional people with many different backgrounds.

The energy and beauty of the peninsula and the West of Ireland open my heart and soul, and after a 10 year excursion to Dublin, 2009 to 19, I now moved back West. Every time I traveled West, my heart sang when I got to the other side of Cork city…. From childhood my parents showed us the beauty of nature and I learnt early that being in Nature helps my mind to relax and softens me to feel a deep sense of freedom, inspiration and peace…. but I was also not prepared to pay Dublin rents.

I met a yoga teacher on Beara, who introduced me to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. Becoming Margaret Hardman’s student began to change my yoga practice entirely. I discovered a depth and freedom in my body, which seems to have no limit… I found a new sense of connection and ease that changed entirely how I experience my body.

Gradually feeling how gravity supports us and encourages lightness and spaciousness in the body, the focus on un-doing tension and exploring the body in asanas, rather than performing, the very personal assistance and Margaret’s dedication to the process inspired me and helped to let yoga become one of the most important parts of my life. Yoga sorts out my mind, not only the body….

I completed my Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher training with Bill Wood in Bristol…. and every year I work with Diane Long for a week or so in Italy. It always gives me plenty inspiration to explore for a year, supported by workshops with Margaret and “Awakening the Spine” by Vanda and Diane and Sophy’s book on their understanding of Vanda’s teachings.  

My first Shiatsu session many years ago in Berlin felt like a recognition of something I needed in my life and had not received yet. I also felt I had something to give that was expressed in this form of bodywork. I attended a three year training in Berlin and in 2005 completed another 3 year practitioner training in Dublin with the Irish School of Shiatsu. It is one of the most profound healing practices I so far encountered. I love how I can support people with the simplicity and effectiveness of Shiatsu to live healthier and happier lives.

In 2017 I completed a practitioner level training in Lomi Lomi massage with Louise Kleu at Aloha House in Killorglin. For many years I was intrigued by this ancient Hawaiian Healing Art and instead of going for holidays abroad embarked on a flowing, challenging and very inspiring journey in the soft rains of Kerry.

Lomi Lomi’s flow and philosophy are a growing part of my work and weave themselves into all parts of my life.

2017 up to now I began studying and exploring again:

Positive Neuroplasticity training ( Rick Hanson)

practical tantra with Skydancing Tantra Deutschland and the ancient wisdom of Tantra with Sally Kempton online and through her Tantra Goddess publcations

yoga practice with Diane Long

story telling with Joel Ben Izzy and Claire Muireann Murphy on Cape Clear, both very engaging teachers who live and breathe the power of stories

the constant learning from clients and students, family, friends and random encounters and very much meanderings through the wild magic of West Cork craft my way of living and the work I offer.

May it be of help to make this planet a peacefully exciting home for all of us, helping to fill our own cups to flow over and nourish all ….  


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