A blend of different oil massage techniques, including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Lomi Lomi that are intuitively worked into a deeply relaxing and pain relieving session of 60 or 90 minutes.


Whatever your reason for having a massage, the session will be tailored to your needs, focusing on problem areas, and addressing physical and emotional issues, if appropriate.

An Intuitive massage helps with:

  • Muscular tension
  • Joint immobility
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of touch
  • Low energy, tiredness
  • Scattered busy mind
  • General sense of feeling unwell
  • Restless
  • Can be a great support during pregnancy ( after first trimester)
  • Desire to take time out, be allowed to rest

I call my oil massages intuitive because there is no preconceived or habitual pattern to them.

A massage evolves between me and the receiver beginning in the consultation where needs and wishes are established. These might be tight areas, pains, strains or more emotional reasons for having a massage as in sadness, grief, overwhelming demands, sleeplessness and other common stresses. There might be areas of injury or other that shall not be included in the massage.

The absence of good compassionate touch is a common reason for coming for a massage. Even in close relationships this is often an unmet need, that is rarely addressed. Having lost a loved one and now missing touch is another perfectly common reason for having a massage.

Usually humans thrive on touch and it helps to meet everyday demands with more patience and calm.

The quality of my touch is often acknowledged by receivers and deeply appreciated.

It is possible that sensual feelings arise. These are just silently acknowledged and not responded to, unless the wish to talk about them, arises.

I had a male client recently who was clearly aroused and we held his initial embarrassment in an open chat and I appreciated the client’s feedback on how being able to experience the feelings gave him a boost of energy and a sense of wanting to live his life more creatively and self empowered. 

Sensual energy is an important part of our natural life force and if we get in touch with it we can enjoy and transform it into whatever we like and is appropriate. 

An Intuitive Massage addresses physical and emotional discomfort blending muscle and tissue releasing techniques with long flowing movements, and local work using Shiatsu stretch techniques and acupuncture points. 

I include face and head into my massages in a natural flow, if the receiver has no objections. 


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