Scaravelli inspired yoga for me is a developing practice, guided by the principles of gravity – breath – the wavelike movement of the spine.
Finding the ground beneath the feet, the aliveness of the feet and the connecting movement from the ground up into the spine, from the pelvis down into the heels, is a starting point as well as a deep practice of awareness and ‘inwardness’.

From there we will explore the movements in the body, the gentle and strong elongations, the lightness in the upper body, more freedom in the spine, the shoulders, the neck possibly. Asanas are tools for experimenting with movement and breath, and with awareness.

The practice is personal but guided and supported with hands on help.

The meditations and deep relaxations will help to move inwards but stay alert and relaxed, simultaneously.



There is lightness in Spring, movement, new unfolding from deep in the ground. When buds break open or flowers break through the soil, there’s new life wanting to express itself. A strong energy, but here to be creative and spontaneous, rather than forcefully destructive.

If we want to unfold and find space in our bodies, that might still feel winterheavy or stress contorted, finding the roots and open into the ground, might just be the way to encourage lightness in the upper body and possibly the mind as well….

Experiencing with patience and curiosity, how the body is happy to unfold if we can give it attention and time, and give life into the depth of the body with our breathing, is just joyful and relaxing. It requires concentration and imagination, helpful touch and some spoken word as well, but once we begin feeling the unravelling, we don’t want to stop….

Unless there is the possibility of meditation and deep rest, and a lovely home cooked lunch to fuel mind and body… maybe even on the wooden deck in the sun and then lying down and relaxing to bird song or the sound of rain…. you never know.

These days of yoga, meditation, rest and food help to feel some peace and space, maybe the reluctance of the body to move freely but also support to learn to move without force but deep strength.

I the last couple of months I have experimented with going deeper into asanas, but also with breathing and the works of the mind. Very much too with how love expresses itself in the way we talk and think, and create space for each other, to just be and ‘ feel the love’ . Certainly a challenge for me, as for a lot of people I talk and work with. But practicing yoga in this way and opening up to other humans, seems to be a good way of balancing a lot of inner and outer tumultuous feelings, wherever they come from ( hormones or war chancer or other …. )