“Movement is the song of the body” – Vanda Scaravelli



When I discovered Scaravelli inspired yoga in a small studio on Beara in West Cork many years ago with Margaret Hardman, I knew I had found something special.

This was very different from what I had experienced in yoga classes so far. My body and mind were delighted, and challenged.

Experiencing the pull of gravity and the lightness in the body that is its response, gives moving in and out of asanas a new quality.

The surface muscles begin to relax and the deeper layers begin to switch on and work. Habitual tension in the body gives way to more freedom of movement, the muscles seem to work in a much more connected way, so that the movements seem to ripple through the whole body. It feels as if one experiences how the body always wanted to move but couldn’t because there is too much tightness in the tissue and joints.

The breath helps opening space in the body and offers support , when we let it be and not try to force it in any way. Being aware of its flow and quality over time changes its depth and fullness and helps us to become quiet and open and strong. Preparing the body to receive and release the breath helps to experience its depth and nourishing quality.

This practice of yoga is a guided exploration, challenging our patience – possibly, and also our habits of moving our bodies.

Yet once we are getting glimpses of working more internally and more with than against the body, the body reveals itself and a beautiful unfolding begins to happen. It often feels like an opening or a relief – and a recognition. Or just really good…

Working like this harmonizes body and mind on a deep level, it strengthens the body and keeps it flexible and with practice, our original lightness, ease and grace returns to us. This is very personal and we may all look different in the same asana, but there are no mistakes, only pushing and pulling ourselves into shapes we are not ready for, might be seen as a mistake, or rather it more and more becomes obvious that our bodies just don’t like it.

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