When: Sunday March 18th – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Where: Clonlea Yoga Studio in Blackrock
Cost:   €85.00 per adult,  €155 per couple and €70 for teenagers.   Concession on request

We will be well into Spring by then, and growing strong roots for the power of growing up and out and blossom, with ease and fresh energy, is the focus of this day.

Scaravelli yoga emphasizes the deep yet light connection into the ground in all postures and the effect, over time, is a new lightness in our bodies, that also refreshes mind and soul. A real Spring feeling…. moving around obstacles ( of stiffness and pain) to fully unfold and grow.

Our bodies enjoy the practice that encourages space and connection. And our minds are able to relax, creating space for a happier, more resilient way of perceiving and responding to what’s going on in our lives and the world…. And who knows what’s in store for all of us.

This time we will make space for Loving Kindness practice again, for ourselves and others, another way of nurturing our souls and benefit the whole planet….

And of course there will be soup and bread and a sweet treat, vegan, gluten and anything else free, depending on your needs. But prepared by me with love…. and my favourite recipe books.

So, if you like to deepen your Scaravelli practice or explore it for the first time and feel the benefits of this way of moving in and out of asanas, be in good and relaxing company, in a very beautiful yoga studio with exceptional garden views, and have the need to decompress, as a friend calls it, supported by ancient meditation and breathing techniques, this day after the St. Patrick’s day celebrations might be exactly what you need….

Feel free to invite friends and family, curiosity and patience for the process are more important than an established yoga practice. But you might develop one….

Please book soon, as places are limited to facilitate lots of individual help. Touch adjustments make this work so deep and effective.

You can email utakyoga@gmail.com for bookings and enquiries for this and any other courses or classes.



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