Shiatsu is a touch based body therapy, with its origin in Japan, balancing the body’s energy to restore or support a felt sense of wholeness, calm, contentment, aliveness. relief from pain.

Zen Shiatsu is a unique form of acupressure massage that provides a profound energy-balancing experience through touch therapy. It is based on thousands of years of Eastern philosophy and methods of healing.

Shiatsu is a blend of hands on techniques of touch applied through clothes with palms and thumbs, incorporating supported stretching and rotating of muscles and joints aiming at releasing blocked energy, often in the upper back and neck, thighs, intestines  and supporting deficient areas, often the lower back, the heart area, the lungs.

Shiatsu addresses the person on a physical as well as on an emotional and spiritual level, as most imbalances might show on one level yet have their roots in another.

Chinese medicine with its long tradition of observation and wisdom of making deep connections between physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects of life, forms a background for Shiatsu the way I use it.

A Shiatsu treatment provides:

    • touch and movement,
    • an atmosphere of connection and listening
    • and suggestions regarding helpful foods, exercises and breathing/spiritual practices.

The treatment is one element of a person’s journey to feeling well, the integration of simple suggestions another. Both blend together to make life more joyful and  help to know and live each person’s dreams and aspirations in a sustainable way.

Shiatsu as a therapy works well as a regular support for getting and staying well and connected with oneself, which for many of us is necessary to be able to meet our own or others demands.

Shiatsu helps to relieve acute pains as well as persisting problems with various roots.

Here are some conditions that are helped or alleviated by just one or regular Shiatsu sessions

  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • muscle aches and strains
  • joint problems. particularly hip and neck
  • digestive difficulties
  • lack of compassionate touch
  • sense of being disconnected from life
  • sense of feeling stressed
  • menopause
  • breathing, lack of energy
  • as support during chemo and after surgery

Shiatsu has many benefits, one of the most important in my treatments is to bring body and mind back to deep relaxation.

Body and soul naturally know how to heal if they are allowed to relax.

The mind often gets in the way with its ideas about how things have to be, what we need to do, achieve or succeed in. Efforts are well and good and needed, if they are balanced with the necessary rest . This is a personal balance, as we all have our unique well of energy to play with.

The art is to be in tune with our resources and use them wisely.

Details of Shiatsu Session:

A Shiatsu session usually lasts about 60 min, with some additional consultation and relaxation time before and after.

Comfortable clothes are preferable, as this is a fully clothed treatment received on a futon.

Cost: €70.00

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