Shiatsu is  Japanese hands-on body work based on the idea of Ki flowing in invisible but palpable channels throughout the whole body.

Ki, Japanese for life force, animates all life and is the same in the body and in nature, it connects us humans to all aspects of life on this planet ( and possibly beyond… )

Ki flow in the body is influenced by emotions, posture, diet and exercise habits, how we balance rest and action, our connection to other people. Ki is like a river, flowing freely in its river bed, until it meets any kind of obstruction, leading to stuckness or depletion. This may show as pain, headaches, low energy, emotional states like anxiety or depression, digestive problems, infertility, menstrual problems and many others…

Gentle or more vigorous manipulation of Ki flow restores balance,  felt as absence of pain, a sense of calmness and ability to embrace life as it presents itself.

Shiatsu works through clothes, the client lying on a futon, and uses thumb and palm pressure, if appropriate elbow and foot pressure, as well as rotations and stretches. It is a full body treatment, focusing on problem areas, yet bringing relaxation to the whole bodymind and addressing the underlying causes of imbalances.

Shiatsu can be used alongside any other treatment, does not interfere with any kind of medication and is extremely beneficial as a preventative treatment.

Regular Shiatsu sessions even once a month help to avoid many especially stress related issues that often keep us out of work for a long time, if not addressed in their early stages.

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