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Breath Space & Release – a yoga day 22nd October in Blackrock

September 20, 2016
here I explored breath and space, and wind… on the beautiful Clare Island, home of the Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley
Hello yoginis and yogis
this morning I thought ” Well, look, here’s some colour other than green on the leaves and I do need a scarf…. ” and  a bit later in the day, I really did not need the scarf and a bit later again I was glad I had it…. AUTUMN
It’s the time of change, of letting go, of transforming, of space and breath in Chinese medicine and as you know I like to relate my yoga days to the Chinese 5 Element theory.
This summer I explored breath. space within and grounding quite a bit in my yoga practice, and especially on a weeklong yoga retreat on Clare Island, Macalla farm…. with a student of Vanda Scaravelli from Florence. Her name is Rossella Baroncini, and it was a pleasure to work with her for a week. It was a lot about the deep connection of breath to grounding, and opening as a result. Her English was very creative at times, and I still don’t really know what she meant when she said ishka bones…. sit bones I suppose…. I never asked because I didn’t like to maybe stop her using the word…. and we discovered our wings in the shoulder blades and also in the bum….
As with the other teachers I love, it’s all about refining asanas in a playful and inventive, often very personal way. Guided by the principles of gravity and breath and finding freedom in the spine. This I like to pass on to the best of my ability.
It’s never about performing asanas in a rigid ” perfect ” way, and sometimes even alignment becomes secondary, as long as the body feels free and light and is at ease. That does not mean the practice is weak or indifferent, very much to the contrary. The body becomes wide open and strong, and people do get warm 😉, but the idea is more of exploration than traditional shapes and fast sequences.
On the retreat we discussed the femininity of this approach, and how often students, especially but not only women got very good at for example Iyengar yoga ( as it is taught in the West ) and then moved away from it and explored asanas with a more fluid, connected, freer approach, guided by their own bodies intelligence….. apparently Iyengar did so in his own practice too.
It’s what inspires me too, and so I’m happy to offer another day of yoga, meditation, yoga nidra relaxation and a simple lunch: a seasonal soup, homemade bread ( this time maybe even sourdough, as I got a starter from the fabulous cooks at the retreat…) and of course dessert !! And a bit background wisdom about food that helps in Autumn…. for coughs and colds!
Breath Space & Release
Saturday 22 October
from 10am to 3pm
at the beautiful Clonlea Studio in Blackrock
75€ for 1person
140 € for 2 people
lunch and notes included
A non refundable deposit of 50 € is required to book your place
I will keep the group small, so that everybody can get plenty of hands on support. So, as the previous days booked up fairly quickly, I suggest to book early.
Please get in touch if you have any questions and feel free to invite your friends. The interest in exploring is more important than an established yoga practice.
You can also connect on facebook : …  or you can find me on yogatrail as well
I hope you feel inspired to join, I’m very much looking forward to creating the day with you
May you be well and happy and live with ease 🍁

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