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The freedom of Un-doing – a yoga day

March 7, 2017

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10AM TO 3PM, €75


This new yoga day will be experimental, the practice will be strong but intertwined with sitting meditation and the lunch will be energizing and nourishing.

Scaravelli inspired yoga for me is a developing practice, guided by the principles of gravity – breath – the wavelike movement of the spine.

Finding the ground beneath the feet, the aliveness of the feet and the connecting movement from the ground up into the spine, from the pelvis down into the heels, is a starting point as well as a deep practice of awareness and ‘inwardness’.

From there we will explore the movements in the body, the gentle and strong elongations, the lightness in the upper body, more freedom in the spine, the shoulders, the neck possibly. Asanas are tools for experimenting with movement and breath, and with awareness.

The practice is personal but guided and supported with hands on help.

The meditations and deep relaxations will help to move inwards but stay alert and relaxed, simultaneously.

Lunch will be served in picnic style, and weather permitting can be had on the outside deck of the studio. There will be home made soup, breads and a tasty dessert, inspired by the sour taste of Spring, helping to move energy, clear blockages, and support our creative expressions and possibly help with anger and frustrations – the themes of Liver/Gallbladder and Spring  in Chinese Medicine.

These days of yoga, the participants and the practice have always created a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, supported by the studio and its beautiful surroundings.

You can book your place with me here :

or                                                                          087 7425 717



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