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Summer yoga

June 13, 2017

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Sunday July 9th
10 to 1pm
no, not in Berlin on the beach… not this time
Just before I’m off to Berlin in a couple of days to do some work with Diane Long, I thought I’ll let you know about a shorter yoga day.
There will be a mix of yoga and meditation, deep rest, and CAKE with tea….
I’m sure, my inspiration for doing my own yoga practice will be totally renewed and I will have lots of deeper and more hands on ideas and understanding after those three mornings. Meeting Diane is always a bit like a quiet quantum leap. It takes you deeper into the body, and the spine I guess, will be the focus as the source and origin of movement.
I’d love to share it all with you in the beautiful surroundings of Clonlea yoga studio in Blackrock.
There is the possibility to have another or alternative workshop on Sunday 16th, if that one works better for you, please let me know as soon as you can.
I hope very much to see all the familiar faces and as always, family, friends, and other people who have an interest in exploring the idea of un-doing tension in their yoga practice, freeing the natural movement of the spine and are curious to unravel the body and relax the mind, are welcome.
I also completed my hardwiring the brain for happiness course with Rick Hanson last week. And I’m still recovering from a week of taking in the good, letting it sink deeply into consciousness, and most definitely from sitting on a chair for the best part of the long full days. But… it was worth it. I’d love to share at least the core ideas with you, so that we all can be predominantly happy all the time….😊 well, sort of, and deal with the not so glorious stuff better
Please email me or call me 087 74 25 717, if you have any queries or if you like to join
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