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I really appreciate all comments and suggestions on treatments you have received, Shiatsu or massage, as well as experiences you had in the yoga classes. My intention is to become as helpful and supportive as I can, and feedback is a great resource and inspiration for me.

Thank you

Going through grief brought sleepless nights and tension into my life. Uta’s shiatsu therapy helped me restore the lost balance in a very relaxing and enjoyable way.

Uta has been working with me for the last 6 years, helping me through emotional imbalance caused by bereavement; back pain during pregnancy; and relief of tension in my body caused by every day stresses. I couldn’t recommend her therapy more highly! I feel very fortunate to have her in my life.

Uta’s combination of shiatsu, oil and deep tissue massage provides a unique and deeply pleasurable experience for the body and mind. Her sensitivity, intuition and knowledge of the body and technique make this therapy a superior treatment.

Virginia T.    Dublin

Initially I had not known what to expect when I contacted Uta for a shiatsu treatment but I felt so awful I was prepared to give it a try. It was a particularly difficult time for me as my long term  partner had died unexpectedly, though he had been suffering  from a long term illness, I was his principal carer. My Mother, also was and still is in the final stages of Alzheimers. I felt I was reeling from the maelstrom of life.  

The shiatsu sessions with Uta helped me realise I was carrying the grief in my body as well as my mind. This manifested as stiffness in my shoulders and joints with regular bouts of sinusitis as well. Through the Shiatsu treatments with Uta, not alone have I found relief from my symptoms but I have also learned to listen to the needs and requirements of my body, instead of ignoring  them and continuing to pursue to care for everyone except myself.
As Uta has gently treated me, I am aware  that her buddhist philosophy and her strong belief in Loving Kindness has obviously influenced her.  Her genuine compassion and empathy are evident as she provides treatments. Uta is obviously present to her clients needs, as she listens to them and their bodies and often adopts her treatments accordingly. Being gentle, kind or challenging when its required.   I know I’ve certainly benefited, becoming more present to myself and what is actually going on in my body.  

The shiatsu sessions with Uta are an ongoing reservoir of support for me as I negotiate the ebb and flow of life. May you too learn the gifts of Shiatsu from a compassionate experienced practitioner such as Uta.                                                                                                                  

Geraldine M.  Dublin

“I really enjoyed getting shiatsu when I was expecting. Uta had a great way of making me feel relaxed and I loved the gentle strengh in the way that she worked, I had tried pregnancy massage and found it less than satisfafctory. If I  asked any questions, it was put down to me being a nervous first timer. With Uta I felt hugely confident that I was in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing and at this important time that was hugely important. I would highly recommend Uta to anyone who needs some TLC during pregnancy”

Joan O’D.  Dublin

”One of the things I really appreciate about the massage that Uta offers, apart from her willingness to do house calls, her good strong hands and calm clear presence, is the fact that she never arrives with an agenda for the session. Therefore I always feel met exactly where I am in myself. I find that simplicity is   a rare gift in these very sophisticated times of healing”                                                  

A Wicklow Client

Uta Kaiser is an excellent Shiatsu Practitioner from whom I have been fortunate to receive many treatments over the last number of years while recovering from major surgery. Shiatsu is a wonderful way to ease the transition of various stages of life, promoting a feeling of wellbeing and energy.                                                                   
Anne Drechsler, Kerry

As the mother and primary carer of an intensely autistic boy, I regularly experience high levels of mental, emotional and physical strain. A key element in staying positive and healthy, and even thriving through the demands of my situation, are my regular Shiatsu massage sessions with Uta Kaiser.

 I have been having at least two massages a month with Uta for the past two years. These sessions provide crucial therapy for me, and greatly enhance my health and well-being on all levels. I find that Uta is able to remove the stress and exhaustion that builds up in my body and mind, leaving me in a profoundly relaxed state that is conducive to deep sleep. I wake up the morning after Uta’s massages feeling replenished and restored, ready to face whatever life brings.

 I highly recommend Shiatsu massage with Uta. People who need a once-off boost will find it here. And people with exceptionally demanding lifestyles or situations can find an ongoing source of vitality, through regular therapeutic body-work with this highly skilled and intuitive healer.

Adrienne Murphy

  1. Stephen Mather permalink

    Uta has a really pleasant energy and an instinctive holistic approach. Healing hands that apply just the right pressure. Would definitely recommend a visit!

  2. mairin permalink

    i was recommended Uta through a friend. It was at a time when my body had completely crashed. i had no idea what shiatsu was all about but was willing to try. from the moment i met uta, i felt her warmth and understanding. what i received was some real relaxation and some strengthening from within. in the following weeks and months, i looked forward to my time with her as i felt it really helped me to focus mentally and feel stronger physically. i would recommend Uta to anyone in need of some healing. mairin

  3. James G-S permalink

    I have been having weekly massages with Uta since September 2013 through my corporate plan at Google. I was first recommended Uta’s massages by a colleague and friend. I am thoroughly happy with the whole experience for the following reasons:
    – she has a great natural understanding of how a body works and feels. I never feel pain and always just feel great.
    – she always communicates a very relaxed atmosphere that helps both body and mind.
    – she offers multiple services (massage, yoga, retreats…) that all make sense in the bigger picture of wellness.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Uta Kaiser!

  4. Aksentiia permalink

    My colleague recommended Uta to me. I absolutely loved her massages and have become a loyal client since then. Uta feels body really well and provides it with exactly what it needs at the moment so that you feel revitalized & healthy. She cares about pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and its always a pleasure to come to her. Highly recommended!

  5. Igor permalink

    It was the best massage Iэму ever had! Thank you so much Uta! You are the best!

  6. Caro permalink

    Uta is a truly amazing massage therapist. Not only does she have outstanding technical skills, but also a natural talent and rare intuition that enable her feel deeply into what your body needs. It is an honor to have her at Google. She makes our lives more relaxed and joyful!

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