Massage and Shiatsu

I’ve come to learn that massages and Shiatsu are essential for many people.

Most of us don’t experience enough present and compassionate touch. Yet it can be the source of well being, energy, balance, rest, a healthy immune system, and a form of pleasure without a goal other than to get in touch with our body, our soul and deeply relax.

Out of deep relaxation arises a new or recovered sense of feeling well, strong, whole and light.

Touch can heal

  • pain
  • a sense of feeling lost
  • loneliness and disconnection
  • fatigue
  • many expressions of stress
  • the nervous system &
  • the longing for compassionate, present touch

I explored different styles, and now my work is rooted in the traditions that I love most…. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Japanese Shiatsu. Inspired by both and many years of practice and passion for bodywork I also massage intuitively, lead by your body and breath.

Often questions arise from the treatment and these can be explored and simple life style or spiritual suggestions may help to empower a more balanced and joyful way of being.

I find the more I listen to my own body and soul the more open and present I can be with yours.

My meditation practice, movement, rest, nature and presence to my senses give me a richness of simple pleasures, that I experience as joy and the source and expression of energy, all becoming part of the work I offer.

And the all connecting breath …